March 21, 2019

Airstream’s Jackson Center Campus Now 100-Percent Powered by Renewable Energy Credits

Renewable energy credits make “silver” the new “green”

(Jackson Center, OH) – Airstream, Inc., maker of the iconic “silver bullet” fleet of travel trailers and best-in-class touring coaches, announced that the company’s Jackson Center corporate office and manufacturing center is 100-percent powered by renewable energy credits.

Included in the announcement is the news that Airstream’s new 750,000 sq. ft. facility opening in the next 12 months will also carry the same green energy commitment and be powered completely by renewable energy credits.

“Our work at Airstream is inextricably linked to the outdoors, so we are continuously exploring ways to do more with less,” said Bob Wheeler, Airstream President and CEO. “Powering our operations through renewable energy credits purchased here in Ohio is a net win for our community and our customers.”

Airstream is participating in Jackson Center Municipal Power’s EcoSmart Choice program. The program allows participants to purchase renewable energy certificates from wind, hydroelectric, or landfill gas projects offered through American Municipal Power, Inc.

By using renewable energy certificates to power Airstream’s facilities in 2018, the company was able to offset 4,220metric tons of CO2. According to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, this is equivalent to:

Greenhouse gases from:

  • 896 passenger vehicles driven for one year; or
  • 10,318,735 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

Or CO2 emissions from:

  • 474,892 gallons of gasoline consumed; or
  • 414,574 gallons of diesel consumed; or
  • 4,613,810 pounds of coal burned

It would take a 4,967-acre forest an entire year to sequester the amount of CO2 emissions that Airstream prevented by going green.

“As Airstream grows, we’re thrilled they’ll continue to be 100-percent powered by renewable energy credits through the EcoSmart Choice program,” said Bruce Metz, Jackson Center’s Village Administrator who manages the utility. “It’s especially noteworthy that a business like Airstream is participating in this program. It shows the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and demonstrates real leadership in the manufacturing industry.”

Airstream’s commitment to the environment extends well beyond its energy sourcing. The almost 90-year old company has made numerous “green” upgrades to existing facilities to reduce the company’s environmental footprint. The Jackson Center campus exclusively uses T5 and LED lighting along with high-efficiency motors during the handcrafted production of its recreational vehicles.

“Getting outside and enjoying the outdoors is at the heart of Airstream’s mission, and the environment is so important to the people who use our products,” said Mark Wahl, Airstream’s Senior Vice President of Operations. “As new generations look to explore the world around them, it only makes sense to do everything we can to conserve resources for future Airstreamers.”

Each Airstream vehicle has been rated “Certified Green” by TRA Certification, the internationally accredited certification organization. In June 2018, Wheeler was named to the volunteer Board of Directors of the National Forest Foundation. Airstream’s parent company, Thor Industries, made a multi-year financial commitment to support the organization.

About Airstream

Airstream, manufacturer of the iconic “silver bullet” Airstream® travel trailer, is the longest-tenured recreational vehicle manufacturer in the world. The company’s mission, as set forth by founder Wally Byam, is to create well-designed, high-quality products that allow people to follow their dreams and explore the world in home-like comfort. A steadfast commitment to Byam’s creed, “Let’s not make changes, let’s only make improvements,” has made the aluminum Airstream travel trailer a timeless classic. An unwavering focus on innovation keeps the company at the forefront of technology and customer experience in both the towable and motorized sectors. Airstream is based in Jackson Center, Ohio, where a team of skilled craftspeople hand builds each travel trailer and upfits every touring coach, adding daily to the brand’s reputation for quality and innovation. Learn more about Airstream, our dealers, and current travel trailer and touring coach models at For the latest news on Airstream, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Airstream, Inc. is a subsidiary of Elkhart, IN-based THOR Industries, Inc. (NYSE: THO). THOR is the sole owner of operating subsidiaries that, combined, represent the world’s largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles. For more information on THOR Industries and its products, please visit

THOR Industries recognizes the environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities presented by climate change.  With our recent commitment to ‘Business Ambition for 1.5°C’, the THOR Family of Companies is taking bold actions to address climate change by committing to be carbon net-neutral by 2050, with an interim target of 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.  Airstream, RV’s most iconic brand, has consistently focused on sustainable efforts so it’s natural they are the first in the industry to offer an initiative allowing consumers to participate in carbon sequestering directly.  We are excited to support Airstream’s ‘Caravan to Carbon Neutral’ campaign, an important step toward THOR’s carbon net-neutral future.