April 22, 2020

Airstream Brings Yellowstone National Park to Your Living Room

“Portable Park: Yellowstone” Captures the Spirit of the Great Outdoors in HD

JACKSON CENTER, OH – April 22, 2020 – Airstream, Inc., maker of the iconic “silver bullet” fleet of Airstream®  travel trailers and best-in-class touring coaches, is launching a content program that will bring spectacular scenery and landscapes from the nation’s most breathtaking public lands directly into American homes.

Portable Park, captures the spirit of these natural wonders through immersive HD footage shot by the Academy Award-nominated filmmaking team, MacGillivray Freeman.

“We all know the health benefits of getting out in nature while connecting with friends and family,” said Bob Wheeler, Airstream President and CEO. “Since we currently can’t go to Yellowstone, Airstream will transport us all to America’s first national park.”

Yellowstone, the first installment in the Portable Park series, will debut on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day to remind viewers of the importance of protecting our natural wonders. Other Portable Park content alongside the loopable Yellowstone video is a guide to Yellowstone’s top-rated campgrounds to help plan your next visit and original writing celebrating the iconic park.

“We’re excited to partner with Airstream and continue to bring the outdoors to homes everywhere,” said Shaun MacGillivray, President of McGillivray Freeman. “For decades, our team has been sharing stories from awe-inspiring places around the world through giant-screen film, and streaming digital media. Portable Park is an excellent way to share that sense of joy and inspiration in a new way.”

Airstream’s Portable Park featuring Yellowstone National Park is available for free on airstream.com/portablepark. Visitors to the page can stream the HD video to their devices. With the loop setting enabled, televisions, monitors and mobile devices become an immersive window to the great outdoors – a perfect background for spending time with family or working from home.

Visit airstream.com/portablepark. to learn more.

About Airstream

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